4bl-lab-2 - Ross Miller 503290136 TA Antoine Calvez Session...

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Ross Miller 503290136 TA: Antoine Calvez Session: 5 10/25/05 Electrostatics Partners: Gary Yeung Eric Sammuli Yvonne Cheung Minnie Tam
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Abstract: In this experiment we measured capacitance, charge, current, potential and electric fields with the use of capaciters, voltmeters and electrometers. Next we observed static electricity and electric current generation through several different means: mechanical, piezolelectric, electrochemical, thermoelectric, photoelectric, and electrodynamic. Lastly we will verify Gaus’s law, Coulumb’s law, and boundary conditions. Background/Theory: A capacitor can be charged by rubbing two dielectric plates with a cloth and separating them by a certain distance. The capacitance can either be found using the equation V=Q/C or with a voltmeter. Using the computer we will measure the charge on a capacitor as it begins to discharge and find the time constant. Next using various sources of electricity we will observe the ways we may produce electricity by using these and the way some of these devices react when a current is sent through them. Afterwards we will measure various setups of different capacitors and their experimental
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4bl-lab-2 - Ross Miller 503290136 TA Antoine Calvez Session...

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