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Fall 2010 PHYS116A-02 Midterm 3 Practice test 1 1. Two disks are mounted on low-friction bearings on a common shaft. The first disc has rotational inertia I and is spinning with angular velocity ϖ . The second disc has rotational inertia 2 I and is spinning in the same direction as the first disc with angular velocity 2 as shown. The two disks are slowly forced toward each other along the shaft until they couple and have a final common angular velocity of: A) 5 /3 B) 3 C) 7 3 D) E) 3 2. A 2.0-kg block travels around a 0.50-m radius circle with an angular velocity of 12 rad/s. The magnitude of its angular momentum about the center of the circle is: A) 6.0 kg m 2 /s B) 12 kg m 2 /s C) 48 kg/m 2 s D) 72 kg m 2 /s 2 E) 576 kg/m 2 s 2 3. A 6.0-kg particle moves to the right at 4.0 m/s as shown. The magnitude of its angular momentum about the point O is: A) zero B) 288 kg m 2 /s C) 144 kg m 2 /s D) 24 kg m 2 /s E) 249 kg m 2 /s Page 1
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4. A 160-N child sits on a light swing and is pulled back and held with a horizontal force of 100 N. The magnitude of the tension force of each of the two supporting ropes is: A) 60 N B) 94 N C) 120 N D) 190 N E) 260 N 5. A 5.0 m weightless strut, hinged to a wall, is used to support a 800-N block as shown. The horizontal and vertical components of the force of the hinge on the strut are: A) F H = 800 N, F Y = 800 N B) F H = 600 N, F Y = 800 N C) F H = 800 N, F Y = 600 N D) F H = 1200 N, F Y = 800 N E) F H = 0 , F Y = 800 N 6. A picture is to be hung from the ceiling by means of two wires. Order the following arrangements of the wires according to the tension in wire B, from least to greatest. A)
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Midterm3Practice1withAnswers - Fall 2010 PHYS116A-02...

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