BSCI 110A Exam 2

BSCI 110A Exam 2 - B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 2 Octo ber 10,...

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BSCI 110A/Graham Exam 2 October 10, 2008 Print Name _________________________________ Signature Pledge___________________________________ 1. Read all questions carefully. 2. Do NOT open the exam until you are told to do so. 3. You will have 50 minutes to complete this exam. 4. Failure to close your exam at the end of 50 minutes is an honor code violation. 5. Each multiple-choice question has a single best answer. 6. Use only the space provided for short answer questions 7. Good luck! Multiple choice – 2 pts each
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A Initials___________ 2 1. _____ A protein with a T-antigen type, or bipartite localization signal will be transported to the A. cytosol B. ER C. nucleus D. peroxisomes 2. _____ Escaped ER resident proteins are recognized by the KDEL receptor in the Golgi complex and are packaged into ______ coated vesicles for the return trip back to the ER. A. COPI B. clathrin C. COPII D. COPIII 3. _____ What happens to the Z lines during contraction of a sarcomere? A. The distance between Z lines doesn’t change B. The distance between Z lines decreases C. The distance between Z lines increases D. The Z lines expand in length 4. _____ Protein transport form the cytosol into the mitochondrial matrix is an example of A. exocytosis B. gated transport C. vesicular transport D. translocation E. all of the above 5. _____ ß-oxidation of fatty acids occurs in the _____ and generates NADH and _____. A. cytosol, pyruvate B. cytosol, acetyl CoA C. mitochondrial matrix, acetyl CoA D. mitochondrial matrix, oxaloacetate 6. _____ During anaerobic exercise, why is pyruvate reduced to form lactate in muscle cells? A. To provide a substrate for the TCA cycle B. To produce CO
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BSCI 110A Exam 2 - B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 2 Octo ber 10,...

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