Exam 1 KEY - Initials_ B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 1A...

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Initials___________ 1 BSCI 110A/Graham Exam 1A September 18, 2009 Print Name Answer Key _________________ Signature Pledge___________________________________ 1. Read all questions carefully. 2. Do NOT open the exam until you are told to do so. 3. You will have 50 minutes to complete this exam. 4. Failure to close your exam at the end of 50 minutes is an honor code violation. 5. Each multiple-choice question has a single best answer. 6. Use only the space provided for short answer questions 7. Good luck!
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Initials___________ 2 Multiple choice – 2 pts each 1. __D_ An amphipathic alpha-helix that forms a coiled-coil structure will have a hydrophobic amino acid, on average, every _____ residues. A. 2.5 B. 2.8 C. 3 D. 3.6 E. 4.4 2. _A__ The active site of chymotrypsin contains a catalytic triad of ______. A. His Ser Asp B. His Asn Thr C. Lys Asp Met D. Arg Ser Glu E. Zee Zee Top 3. _B___ Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions by A. raising the activation energy B. lowering the activation energy C. lowering the free-energy of the reaction D. raising the free energy of the reaction. E. changing the equilibrium 4. _D__ What level of structure in proteins is described by subunit stoichiometry? A. Primary B. Secondary C. Tertiary D. Quaternary 5. __D__ To extract a peripheral membrane protein off the membrane without destroying the membrane, you could use A. an ionic detergent B. a nonionic detergent C. a reducing agent D. a high pH solution E. a firecracker 6. _C__ What is the nucleolus? A. a double-membrane organelle housing the genome. B. A pore in the nuclear membrane. C. A nonmembrane-bound organelle where ribosomes are assembled. D. A membrane-bound organelle containing rRNA genes. E. Part of an atom containing neutrons and protons. 7. __A__ Given the equation Δ G = Δ H - T Δ S, which set of conditions would result in a reaction that is unambiguously nonspontaneous A. entropy decreases and the reaction is endothermic B. entropy increases and the reaction is exothermic C. entropy stays the same and there is no change in enthalpy D. entropy decreases and the reaction is exothermic
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Exam 1 KEY - Initials_ B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 1A...

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