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BSCI 110A/Graham Exam 2B October 12, 2009 Print Name __Answer KEY ______________ Signature Pledge___________________________________ 1. Read all questions carefully. 2. Do NOT open the exam until you are told to do so. 3. Remove the Scantron sheet, fill in bubbles for your name and write 2B in the special codes box 4. You will have 50 minutes to complete this exam. 5. Failure to close your exam at the end of 50 minutes is an honor code violation. 6. Each multiple-choice question has a single best answer. 7. Use only the space provided for short answer questions 8. Good luck!
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2 Multiple choice – 2 pts each 1. ___A __ For regulated secretory vesicles, the signal that induces exocytosis typically causes an increase in cytosolic _____ concentration. A. Ca ++ B. K + C. Na + D. SNARE E. Cl - 2. __ C __ A protein will fold into its final tertiary or quaternary structure before entering this organelle A. mitochondria B. ER C. nucleus D. chloroplast 3. __ D __ In the cisternal maturation model, _______ proteins are packaged into COPI vesicles moving in the ________ direction. A. secretory, retrograde B. ER, anterograde C. secretory, anterograde D. Golgi, retrograde E. lysosomal, retrograde 4. __D___ Polysaccharides have to be broken down to ______ before the carbons can be used to synthesize fatty acids. A. monosaccharides B. fructose C. pyruvate D. acetyl-CoA E. CO 2 5. __E___ O 2 consumed during oxidation of glucose is converted to _____. A. pyruvate B. CO 2 C. -COO - D. -CHO E. H 2 O 6. __E___ A mutation that disrupts the function of the ER translocon, would also disrupt the localization of ________ resident proteins. A. ER B. Golgi C. plasma membrane D. lysosomal E. All of the above 7. ___D__ Which subunits of the ATP synthase rotate as protons pass through? A. a b c B. ! " # C. $ # % D. c # % E . c # $ 8. __E___ Per glucose molecule completely oxidized, how many NADHs are produced? A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8 E. 10 9. __A___ In the liver, fructose enters glycolysis at A. Dihydroxyacetone phosphate B. fructose 6-phosphate C. fructose 1,6-bisphosphate D. glycogen E. pyruvate 10. __C___ The reaction center P700 + in ______ is reduced by an electron from _____. (PSI = photosystem I; PSII = photosystem II, PC = plastocyanin, Q = plastoquinone)
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BSCI110A_Exam2_09_KEY-1 - B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 2B Octo...

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