Practice Exam 1 - Initials A B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 1...

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Initials___________ 1 A BSCI 110A/Graham Exam 1 September 17, 2008 Print Name _________________________________ Signature Pledge___________________________________ 1. Read all questions carefully. 2. Do NOT open the exam until you are told to do so. 3. You will have 50 minutes to complete this exam. 4. Failure to close your exam at the end of 50 minutes is an honor code violation. 5. Each multiple-choice question has a single best answer. 6. Use only the space provided for short answer questions 7. Good luck!
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Initials___________ 2 Multiple choice – 2 pts each 1. _____ Humans and chimpanzees diverged approximately when (ya = years ago). A. 5 billion ya B. 5 million ya C. 50,000 ya D. 5,000 ya 2. _____ Eubacteria and Archeabacteria are ________ cells. A. plant B. fungal C. eukaryotic D. prokaryotic 3. _____ Formation of which of the following bonds releases the most energy? A. Double bond B. Single bond C. hydrogen bond D. ionic bond 4. _____ Which interaction is most important in enhancing the solubility of macromolecules in water? A. Hydrophobic interactions B. Ionic interactions C. H bonds D. van der Waal’s interactions E. all of the above 5. _____ Lysine and aspartic acid side chains within a polypeptide would likely form a ______ bond. A. double B. single C. hydrophobic D. ionic E. van der Waal 6. _____ Within an alpha helix, H-bonds form between carbonyl and NH groups in A. the peptide backbone B. polar side chains C. hydrophobic side chains
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Practice Exam 1 - Initials A B S C I 110 A/Graham Exam 1...

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