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CHAPTER 48 - NERVOUS SYSTEM INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS 48.1 a. Dendrites: carry impulses to the cell body b. Soma: the cell body c. Axon hillock: cone-shaped section where the axon meets the cell body d. Axon: carry impulses away from the cell body e. Schwann cells: wrap around the axon to form a myelin sheath in the PNS f. Myelin sheath: protects, insulates, allows for salutatory conduction g. Nodes of Ranvier: spaces between Schwann cells, conduct action potential h. Synaptic terminal: ends of the axon 48.2 a. K + inside, Na + outside b. A - inside (grouping together of negatively charged internal ions), Cl - outside c. The inside is constantly negative because most A- ions are too large to cross the membrane d. Membrane potentials are a result of differences in ion concentrations and charges 48.3 See Figure 48-9, page 1030 a. Sodium channel Phases b. Sodium 1. Resting c. Potassium channel 2. Threshold d. Potassium 3. Depolarization e. Activation gate 4. Repolarization f. Inactivation gate 5. Undershoot g. Membrane potential h. Time 48.4 a. Ca2+, causes synaptic vesicles to release neurotransmitter b. Synaptic terminal, end of the presynaptic neuron’s axon c. Synaptic vesicles, contain neurotransmitters d. Presynaptic membrane, depolarization of the membrane opens voltage-gated calcium channels e. Postsynaptic membrane, contains receptor proteins f. Neurotransmitter, crosses the synapse binding to receptor protein g. Chemically-gated ion channels, open when a neurotransmitter binds to the receptor protein h. Synaptic cleft, the space between the presynaptic and postsynaptic cells 48.5 a. Temporal
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b. Spatial
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