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CHPT_49_SGANSWERS - Interactive Questions Answers IQ49.1 a...

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Interactive Questions Answers: IQ49.1 a. transduction is the actual detection of a stimulus called sensory transduction, the conversion of stimulus energy causes a change in membrane potential. b. amplification is the strengthening of a weak stimulus c. transmission is the conduction of impulses to the central nervous system d. integration is the processing of information IQ49.2 a. Sclera b. choroid c. retina d. Fovea e. Optic Nerve f. Optic disk g. Viterous humor h. Lens i. Aqueous humor j. Pupil k. Cornea l. Iris m. Suspensory Ligament n. Ciliary body IQ49.3 a. Enzymes convert retinal back to original form b. Changes shape and separated from opsin, bleaches it c. cGMP binds to NA+ ions in the dark, rod cells are depolarized and synapses with bipolar cells d. Rhodopsin signal to covert cGMP to GMP decreases membrane permeability to NA+ e. Channels are open f. Channels close g. Rod cell depolarized h. Rod cell is hyperpolarized i. Glutamate is released which excites some bipolar cells and inhibits others j. Glutamate being released is slowed, either excites or inhibits postsynaptic bipolar cells k. Excited or inhibits more by neurotransmitters l. Becomes excited or inhibited less IQ 49.4 a.) A small receptive field would produce the sharpest image because there is a smaller amount of rods and cones that supply information to ganglion cells, allowing a more exact estimation of where light hits the retina.
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b.) The fovea is where the smallest receptive fields are likely to be located due to the large amount of photoreceptors concentrated there. IQ 49.5
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CHPT_49_SGANSWERS - Interactive Questions Answers IQ49.1 a...

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