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Immune System notes - Immune System Blood Components...

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Immune System Blood Components Component Function Shape/Color Red Blood Cells* Transport O 2 and some CO 2 carried by iron containing protein Hemoglobin O 2 bright red CO 2 dark red Disk shape w/ NO nuclei White Blood Cells* Fight infections and control immunity Colorless Round w/ nuclei Platelets* Blood Clotting fragments build up triggers release of protein (fibrin) stops blood loss and prevents entrance of pathogens Colorless Sticky Disk-shaped fragments Proteins Antibodies and clotting activities Hormones Chemical secreted by glands control and coordination of body functions Urea Waste formed in liver kidneys filter urethra excretes Glucose, A.A., Fats, Vitamins, Minerals Nutrients necessary for metabolism (cell respiration) * Produced in the bone marrow Antigen - any foreign chemical in the body that stimulates an immune response in the blood. Ex: pathogens, bacterial toxins, venom, and pollen Antibody - protein (in plasma) that recognizes specific antigens, found on lymphocytes. Inactivate the pathogen or trigger its destruction by the nonspecific defenses. Pathogen - disease causing microorganism Disease transmission - inhalation, ingestion, injection, direct contact Defense mechanisms 1. Non-specific Immune Responses A. Skin and mucous membranes
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Immune System notes - Immune System Blood Components...

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