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Kin selection notes & worksheet Definition of altruistic behavior: decreases the 'actor's' reproductive succcess while increases recipients’s reproductive success (vs. selfish behavior, which increases personal RS while decreasing another’s RS) Assumptions: 1) That traits are inherited through genes; 2) That altruistic behavior has a genetic basis, and thus is inherited like any other trait; 3) That relatives share some genes through common descent 3) That relatives have repeated interactions with each other Predictions for altruistic behavior between relatives: Hamilton’s rule : rb – c > 0, where b = benefit of behavior for the one receiving the behavior (the 'recipient') c = cost of the behavior to the one expressing it (the 'actor') r = coefficient of relatedness, probability of sharing same genes by common descent , or to put it another way, the probability that homologous alleles present in different individuals are “identical by descent” AND
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kinselectionworksheet-1 - Kin selection notes &...

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