practice exam key III

practice exam key III - PRACTICE EXAM #1 ABBOT BSCI 110B...

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ABBOT BSCI 110B (For illustration purposes only. The real exam will be longer – for example, 20 multiple choice (60 points), 4 or 5 short answer (40 points). Questions may end up being harder or easier, purely by chance, so please don't use this practice exam as your only guide for what you are or are not responsible for. (Rather, use the lectures, and the textbook, and the problems in the back of the chapters you are responsible for.) I just threw these questions together from different sources, so that you'll have a sense of how the real thing will look on the test.) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Wooly hair is a recessive trait. Affected individuals are shown in the pedigree below as open circles or squares. What is the likelihood that the progeny (below) of D-3 and D- 4 will have wooly hair? A) 0% B) 50% C) 25% D) 100% E) 75% 1) _B___ 2) A woman who has blood type A, has a daughter who is type O positive and a son who is type B negative. Rh positive is a simple dominant trait over Rh negative. Which of the following is a possible phenotype for the father?
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practice exam key III - PRACTICE EXAM #1 ABBOT BSCI 110B...

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