psy 3rd exam - PSY 201 3rd Exam Changwoo Cho 1 a I choose...

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PSY 201 – 3 rd Exam Changwoo Cho 1. a. I choose visual sensation because I want to know and find how people behave, perceive and memorize something without visual sensation because visual sensation is the most preferred and used sense. b. I can not see and view something and recognize what there are in front of me. I lose a little of sense of direction and maybe dump against a wall or a door. If I lose my visual sensation, I also can lose visual distance, shape, color sense, and all visual information and characteristics as well as a sense of direction. Also, I cannot be served by light as stimulus for encoding. It will be really difficult to live without visual sense because visual information is over any other sensory information. c. I can use the olfactory, auditory, and tactile sensation. When I need to know what a pencil is, I can use tactile sensation to get information about the pencil instead of visual information. Also, I will be more sensitive to other sensations such as tactile sensation and auditory than visual
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psy 3rd exam - PSY 201 3rd Exam Changwoo Cho 1 a I choose...

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