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Reviwe 7&13 - Decontaminated procedures in a major...

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Decontaminated procedures in a major hospital. How do you sterilize the following. Justify your answer. a. A mattress used by a patient with bubonic plague b. Intravenous glucose-saline solutions c. Used disposable syringes d. Tissues taken from patients Discuss the arguments for and against classification of living organisms and viral invasion Against: They are incapable of synthesizing proteins without a host cell They cannot replicate their genetic information without a host cell Viruses and prions have more in common than viruses and cells do. Prions are not alive They do not respire or feed They are not able to move themselves They can't communicate with each other or sense their environment Our current definition of life does not support viruses as living organisms. For: They contain their own, unique proteins and the genetic information necessary to produce them They do produce proteins and replicate themselves when provided with the necessary machinery by a host cell One could also argue that bacteria or even animals are simply replicating collections of molecules and therefore aren't alive either Our current definition of life is incorrect. In short, viruses are blueprints just like DNA. They contain information that can lead to its replication, but need help to get there, and as such aren't alive. They are simply a collection of molecules that seem to be life-like when they are mixed with a host cell. Describe the multiplication of Bacteriophages Lytic or virulent phages are phages which can only multiply on bacteria and kill the cell by lysis at the end of the life cycle. Life cycle a. Eclipse period During the eclipse phase, no infectious phage particles can be found either inside or
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outside the bacterial cell. The phage nucleic acid takes over the host biosynthetic machinery and phage specified m-RNA's and proteins are made. There is an orderly expression of phage directed macromolecular synthesis, just as one sees in animal virus infections. Early m-RNA's code for early proteins which are needed for phage DNA
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