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MBA 6500 – Team C Team Member Name Experience in Searching Walden Library Databases Tips or Tricks Discovered Challenges in searching Library databases How might you overcome the challenge Tammy Wortherley My experience has been vast in using University Library Databases. I prefer EBSCOhost as that site always seems to have what I need to review. The biggest tip I could offer is if you have a lot of information, use it. If you are limited with information, keep using synonyms to find associate words to get you to the research articles you are trying to secure.
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Unformatted text preview: My biggest challenge is finding that there simply are no articles written on very specific subjects. Having worked in the medical staffing industry, I often write about that subject and mostly I find financial information, but not statistical information to back up a theory. In the past, I have gone to professional resources to back up my theory. Often times a telephone or face to face interview with a Chief Financial Officer or Executive Officer will be enough of a lead to gain the rest of the information needed for my research. References:...
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