Team C Week 4 Rationale

Team C Week 4 Rationale - I picked the knife as third...

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Pack Items Tracey Gabriel Amanda Sharon Tammy Group Ranking Influence Flashlight 6 6 Swiss Army Knife 3 3 Canteen 2 2 Denim Jacket 10 10 Soda 9 9 Whiskey 8 8 Nylon Rope 4 4 Water Purification Kit 5 5 Matches 1 1 Compass 0 Cellphone 7 7 Tammy Rationale: I feel as though matches would be the most key item, because without it you cannot start a fire, melt the rope, stay warm, have light. I picked the canteen as second, because with fire, you can use the water purification system, and will need a place to store the water.
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Unformatted text preview: I picked the knife as third, because it can be used as a tool for many different areas. I picked the soda and denim jacket lastly because, one soda may not be that beneficial and the jacket, although it contained food, didn’t appear to be as important other than staying warm or burning. I choose not to pick the compass at all, because one can generally tell which direction they are going based on the shadows and location of the sun....
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