MBA 560 Week 5 Version 4

MBA 560 Week 5 Version 4 - Generic Benchmarking Worksheet...

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Generic Benchmarking Worksheet Learning Team A: Natalia Eaddy Theresa Hewston Tammy Wortherley Horatio Ward University of Phoenix Dawn Obermoeller
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Generic Benchmarking Worksheet Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement Natalia Eaddy: How Classic Airlines can reinvent their rewards program in order to gain new customers while keeping existing customers satisfied . Tammy Wortherley: Identify Best Practices in Customer Relationship Management Horatio Ward : How Classic Airlines will enhance their approach to customer loyalty initiatives to increase customer retention and gain stronger brand recognition in the market. Theresa Hewston: Classic Airlines will develop a competitive business approach that will maintain customer relationships, provide growth opportunities to meet consumer demands, and gain market share by implementing a revised frequent flier rewards program that will optimize customer relationships. Topic A: Customer Service Initiatives American Airlines – Natalia Eaddy: American Airlines is a distinction of being one of the largest airline carriers in the world. The airline has always updated there technology as times changed including updating there airplanes. American Airlines was the first carrier to incorporate and in air meal service. The airline could not keep up with there competitors and had to develop something in order to keep the relationships they had with there loyal customers. Over the years American airlines has developed and affective frequent flier mile reward plan. The American Airlines offers several different personal and business miles credit cards. The airline rewards credit cards from Citibank offer cardholders 25,000 AAdvantage miles when $750 in purchases are made in the first four months after signing up for a card. The card has no annual fee for 12 months and no blackout dates. The reward plan helped American Airlines with there sales and placed them back on top. The reward plans was a great idea for most of all business travelers. Classic Airlines can re- invent there reward plans by adding additional perks which will allow them to get there old customers back. In addition to perks they can incorporate a deal when you sign up a friend you get some kind of monetary price or deduction of the customers next flight . Nordstrom’s – Tammy Wortherley In the K. Bolt article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer, a business development research specialist, for a rival retailer visited a Nordstrom store in California to why the determine what the West Coast was speaking of about the retailer. Not surprisingly, the report focused on "service." Initially, the researcher reported, Nordstrom's sales associates were outstanding, friendly, outgoing, caring people who clearly impressed their customers as knowing their merchandise inside and out, not just what was in stock in their department, but what was available throughout the store. Salespeople have often asked for customers' home phone numbers so they could call them
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MBA 560 Week 5 Version 4 - Generic Benchmarking Worksheet...

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