MBA 560 Week 3 supplement

MBA 560 Week 3 supplement - MBA/560 Alumina Legal Process Q...

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MBA/560 Q: Did the organization actually violate or break any laws, rules, or regulations as alleged? A: In almost all situations when dealing with a large organization and complex operations, the answer to this type of question is hard to determine at the outset. When faced with public allegations that contain the risk of significant litigation, the first and most necessary step is to do a comprehensive investigation in order to obtain all the facts. The organization must proceed systematically to gather all of the relevant information, including all internal and public records, data, and reports that it reasonably can obtain. Evaluating this material establishes how the organization will make further decisions; how it will respond to the allegations; and how it will defend itself, if necessary. Importantly, however, the organization must understand that the information gathered and the results may, in fact, be obtained later by its adversary in the process of litigation (i.e., through the court’s “discovery process”). Accordingly, the organization must be committed to handling the results of such an investigation in an appropriate and ethical manner (i.e., if problems are encountered that show violations of the law, the organization would be well advised to address them in a straightforward manner and with all due haste). The advice of legal counsel throughout the process is indispensable. Q: If a party in a potential legal matter requests records or reports from a governmental agency
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MBA 560 Week 3 supplement - MBA/560 Alumina Legal Process Q...

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