mba 570 week 2 - Team Paper

mba 570 week 2 - Team Paper - Generic Benchmarking...

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Generic Benchmarking Worksheet Learning Team A: Natalia Eaddy Theresa Hewston Tammy Wortherley Horatio Ward University of Phoenix Dawn Obermoeller August 3, 2009
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Generic Benchmarking Worksheet Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement Natalia Eaddy: How TeraTech can maxamize there profits by appealing to customers demand and cater to there market segment . Theresa Hewston: TeraTech will develop a competitive business approach that ensures they lead the market in advanced technology products, maintain customer relationships, and provide growth opportunities to meet consumer demands by enhancing the company’s production, inventory, distribution, and customer service efficiency, which will optimize company resources and wealth. Tammy Wortherley: TeraTech faces the inherent desire to reduce costs and develop a methodical product that will satisfy their consumer foundation. Horatio Ward : TeraTech will develop advanced analytical products which will enhance the way CRM data is received, delivered, and analyzed in the pharmaceutical industry. Topic A: Remaining Technologically Competitive T-Mobile – Natalia Eaddy: T-mobile is one of the United States’ carriers of the 3G networks. While their competitors have met that goal months, even years, ago, T-Mobile’s goal is to not provide high speed data transfers, but to provide great voice service for their customers. Their problem came in when they received a lot of customer complaints and service cancellations due to poor voice service. T-Mobile decided it would be best to switch over from their 2G networks to the 3G network in order to keep customers. There are disadvantages to the 3G network as this upgraded feature includes faster battery drainage due to the power needed to operate the phone. Along with the new network, they also decided to release new phones in order to gain new customers. T-Mobile wanted to release its most asked about phone, the GOOGLE android phone, which has added new customers to the carrier. T-Mobile partnered up with Google in order to have unlimited applications and services, which are free for all customers. Although T-Mobile is the last to get the 3G service, they did beat their competitors to the punch when it comes to android phones. The results of this change were increase in profit with new customers who signed on to the carrier and loyal customers. This can be helpful to TeraTech because they have to go with what is in high demand at the time. T-Mobile’s competitors, like TeraTech, are a little behind their competition but with the right direction at the end, they will win over new ideas with loyal customers and word of mouth will allow them to gain new ones. Apple – Theresa Hewston: Not many companies can compare to the success of Apple, especially in their iPod and iPhone product lines. In around five years time, the company has gone from being vaguely known as the supplier of Mac computers to being a global powerhouse catapulted to huge profitability by creating a simple, portable music
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mba 570 week 2 - Team Paper - Generic Benchmarking...

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