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RUNNING HEAD: MARKETING AND CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP WORKSHEET Marketing and Customer Relationships University of Phoenix Online SUSTAINABLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS MBA/570 Tammy Wortherley July 27, 2009
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Marketing and Customer Relationship Concept Worksheet Table for Assignment One A: Concept B: Application of Concept in Scenario C: Citation of Concept in Reading D: Personal Experience in your Organization Organizational Markets Industrial Reseller Government Global Online Buying E-marketplace Online auctions Tera Tech could be classified as an Industrial market within Organizational Markets. “Knowing and understanding Organizational Markets is a key factor since it will give us the tools to make effective and timely business decisions “Kerin, 2006). At work at The Coca-Cola Company as a manufacturer the organizational market that belongs to is Industrial. Even though interact with the other markets. Identify your current and future customer and their needs Consumer Purchase Decision Process Perceiving a need At Tera Tech, the organization has concerns about the customer issues that were reducing their sales and how to respond the latest survey. “We had a good year last year, but if we don‘t resolve our customer issues, we won‘t repeat it. In planning for next year, I think it’s crucial that we address the customer service issues that Paul identified in his latest research”(Tera Tech Scenario). “By conducting a
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