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Collaborative Networks Are the Organization: An Innovation in Organization Design and Management. NAME: Tammy Wortherley DATE: July 5, 2010 APA Citation of the source: Part I, Synopsis of Article: The article is based on the five ideas suggested by Peter Drucker, “The Corporation as we know it is unlikely to survive the next 25 years. Legally and financially, yes. But not structurally and economically” (Shuman & Twombly, 2010) and the five principles suggested than an organization follow to ensure a successful collaborative effort, every time. Part 2, Analysis of the Article: The first principle is “Organizations and people only actively engage in collaboration when the benefit they derive is greater than the time and effort it takes to collaborate” (Shuman & Twombly, 2010). The authors suggest and recognize that is will not be easy to get everyone to buy into collaboration. Many individuals are used to working alone, or in silos, and do not feel the need for collaboration. However, once recognized that the ideas from more than one person can stretch a mind in such dimensions that nothing but success can come from it. The Network Design model offers five factors in order for collaboration to be effective.
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APP2WortherleyT - Collaborative Networks Are the...

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