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Innovating Business Software 1 RUNNING HEAD: INNOVATING BUSINESS SOFTWARE Innovating Business Software Group Activity Leader: Eddie Simpson Compiler: Daniel Brewster Editor: Escoamed Harris Reviewer: Tammy Wortherley Walden University Dr. Yoram Kalman MMBA-6540-10 Innovation and Technology July 28, 2010
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Innovating Business Software 2 Innovating Business Software Group Activity: Part I—Overview and Assessment 1. Business software application (assigned by instructor): 1. Business Intelligence Software. 2. Major players who produce the business software application: (Note: Select one of these companies to research in order to complete the Financial and Internal Business portions of the analysis below, as well as additional analysis in Weeks 4 and 5): 1. Microsoft 2. IBM 3. IBM Cognos Express 4. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 3. Industry your group is targeting (assigned by instructor): 1. Producers of Business Intelligence (BI) software – Retail. 2. Group C is targeting IBM Cognos Express who manufactures the software and distributes the product to retail stores for purchase by the consumer. 4. Current uses of the business software application by the industry above: 1. The IBM Cognos Express package delivers several applications for mid-size companies to manage information, present the information with visuals, control costs, increase profitability and increase growth (“DataClarity Corporation,” 2010). 2. The product assists mid-size companies with data management and relaying information within the organization. 3. This Business Intelligence software ensures proper distribution and presentation of critical financial and status of an organization, which helps to make better executive decisions and strategies. 4. BI is a new technology that keeps an organization working toward the goals and objectives. 5. Current market penetration and market opportunity for the business software application in the industry above: Market Penetration: Financial Services: Banking, Financial Markets, Insurance Industrial: Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Chemical and Petroleum, Electronics
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Innovating Business Software 3 Distribution: Consumer Products, Retail, Travel, Transportation Communications: Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment, Energy and Utilities Small and Medium Business: Mainly Companies with less than 1,000 employees Market Opportunity: IBM Cognos Express entered the retail market with the technology to deliver business intelligence to its clients by providing analysis and business design which afford clients the opportunity to develop multiple strategies necessary to meet and compete with competitors in this complex changing market. This software technology organizes specific customer data and can operate with inherent variation of business models to build on existing footprint and fosters the development of processes for growth and success. The business intelligence retail solutions of Cognos Express software (from IBM
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