week 7 - Every organization that is attempting to approach...

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Every organization that is attempting to approach the international market needs to be aware of several factors: Culture is an ever increasing element in doing business today. The compilation of money, goods and people across international borders is proving that globalization is changing the status of integration. While for some businesses, it has been very easy to consistently grow in the home market, others will also thrive in the international market simply based on the acknowledgement that although a borderless world can be unpredictable, with proper presentation, is can be doable. An organization considering going international will need to be mindful that each culture, even within regions, operates through vast differences that the home country. Marketing needs to adhere to politically correct advertisements, making sure as to not offend the viewer. Sales will be affected by the way of doing business variable; ie. Some countries will not allow a sales person to jump on a plane, have a meeting, and sign a contract. The desire to spend some personal time getting to know the selling individual is imperative to a final decision. Ethnocentricity is the ideology that one's culture is dominant over another. I however, have never felt this way personally or in a professional manner. It will be important for each division to recognize how diverse a country and region are to said product line. What is desired in one country obviously will not be desired in another. Supply chain management needs to recognize that while some countries operate in a slow moving manner, other countries expect business services to be delivered rather expeditiously. Products will have to be evaluated to ensure that each country recognizes the product that
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week 7 - Every organization that is attempting to approach...

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