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Unformatted text preview: Classic Airlines Classic Problem Solution Frame the “Right” Problem Frame In order to improve Classic In Airlines strategic position the corporation MUST: corporation Create customer confidence. Improve service and loyalty. Improve profitability and alighing Improve they key stakeholders within the strategy. strategy. Risks. Risks. Reallocation of marketing funds Reallocation based on campaign performance. performance. Alliance agreements – where Alliance are the core customers spending money. spending Make the Decision. Make High Value Customer Service – High consolidate service options and increase value. increase Implement CRM tool to indentify Implement and focus on consumer needs. and Implement the solution. Implement Internal analysis to determine Internal the critical qualities and values of the firm and ensure all alliances uphold the Classic’s integrity. Six weeks for services and 12 weeks for customer satisfaction – with improvement of 35% within six months. of Evaluation of Results Evaluation Customer Feedback. Customer Base Composition. Market Share. New Customers. ** All must meet the level of ** accomplishment verses the targe goal. Overall, improvement of perceived Overall, customer value by 45% within 12 months. Conclusion Conclusion CRM improvement must be in CRM place and effective within 3- 16 weeks depending on overture. Fully integrating the CRM Fully system is key and irreplaceable. End State Vision Classic Airlines will have Classic become the industry leader by which other airlines measure their success. Customer Relationship Customer Management has met the needs of their consumers and offered small businesses a new portal. small Benchmarking Benchmarking Benchmarking and auditing can Benchmarking assess business approaches to solve current problems. solve Available data on customer Available experiences and feedback are extensive and extremely valuable. extensive Continental’s has lowered fuel costs Continental’s – leading by example. leading Customer retention effectiveness. Customer Evaluate Alternatives Evaluate Program participant increase in Program flight frequency. flight Alliance agreements with other Alliance carriers. carriers. Performance reoports. Overall strengths and Overall weaknesses review and addressing alternatives. addressing ...
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