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Week 4 Competition Analysis

Week 4 Competition Analysis - X 12" monitor for...

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Biz Class Mach 2 Razor 200 Excite 2 Base Components X X X X Digital video disk (DVD) read/write drive X X X X High capacity hard drive X Very high capacity hard drive X X X Office software-word, spreadsheets X X X X Accounting/bookkeeping software X X X Business Graphics software X X X X Presentation software X X Data base software X X X X Statistical analysis software X Engineering graphics software X 17" monitor for desktop X 19" high resolution monitor for desktop
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Unformatted text preview: X 12" monitor for portable X X Mid-range processor X High performance processor X X X Standard keyboard X X X Expanded keyboard with hot keys X Rugged design for portability X Accelerator card for math computat X Standard network/Internet connection X X X X Standard battery for portable X X Windows for professionals X Windows for professionals with high security protection X X X...
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