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Electronic Medical Records - Having someone input all this...

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Before we had computers we had to manually write everything down on a piece of paper and file it with all that patients’ information. These days we can put everything in the computer and all they have to do is search for the patients’ name. Then all their information is brought up on the screen. It will probably get a lot easier as time goes and there will probably be a day where we do not use any paper at all. There are disadvantages to this system since everything has a price tag these days. Being able to have a system that can store all this information would be priced high. Then they would have to hire someone to be able to put all the old information into the new system. This would take a lot of time and man power depending on the number of patients the doctor’s office has.
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Unformatted text preview: Having someone input all this information there could be errors in the system or errors in the typing of the file. Everyone has different systems throughout the offices, so if the insurance provider is trying to view that patients bill their computer might not let them open it because of the two different systems. Another problem would be that if someone got into the system that was not supposed to and stole a lot of patient’s information. The best thing that comes out of this is organization of all the files, and the mistakes of the doctors since most of them do not great handwriting. The storage of all the files would be a lot less, and would free up a lot of space in the office....
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