A jump rope is a children

A jump rope is a children - Jump rope I ntroduction Jump...

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Unformatted text preview: Jump rope: I ntroduction: Jump rope is a traditional game invented on 16 th century. There is no basic evidence how and who invented this game but they said that jump rope is used to play by women to kill their leisure time. During 17 th century this game become popular among men too and later on it became popular for competition. A jump rope is a children’s game or an exercise for children and adults in which a rope is swung over and under the standing jumper, who must leap over it each time it reaches the feet. You can play the game as a single person, or you can have one more partner and play double in the rope. You can also have two people swinging the rope at two ends and you jumping in the middle. This game gives you a lot of flexibility. The latter is played with two people swinging ropes, which is called as Double Dutch. This activity is bit difficult compared to single jump. This exercise is a simple activity, and you need only small space to perform this activity. Individuals or group can participate in this activity and learning proper jump rope technique is simple compared to many other athletic activities. Jumping rope, when combined with activities like walking, biking or running is particularly effective. It really gets your heart pumping, making it a good cardiovascular workout. I t works multiple muscle groups, especially those in the legs and the core of the body (including abs), as the core is involved in maintaining balance as you jump. Terminology: Basic jump: Beginners should learn to jump where both feet are slightly apart at the same time over the rope....
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A jump rope is a children - Jump rope I ntroduction Jump...

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