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BADMINTON INTRODUCTION Badminton is a historically popular and highly skillful racquet game. The sport of badminton was originated in China but was named after the political jurisdiction of the duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England. Like tennis, the game can be played as singles or doubles with one person on each side or two. It is played with a shuttlecock on a rectangular court. The main objective of the game is to pass the shuttlecock over the net and land in the opponent’s half of the court and score a point. The shuttlecock is a high drag projectile having an open conical shape used in the sport of badminton. Badminton can be played indoor as well as outdoor as a recreational activity. Badminton is arguably the world’s fastest racquet sport. There are other physical values of playing badminton. In the long term, there is an increase in the level of good cholesterol, therefore reduction of bad cholesterol. In hypersensitive individuals who play badminton regularly, they benefit from the alleviation of their antihypertensive medications. Badminton requires running, jumping, and fast paced movement which boosts flexibility and speed. Overweight people burn excess calories resulting in weight reduction. TERMINOLOGY: Alley: It is the area on each side of the badminton court between the doubles sideline and the singles sideline about 1-1/2 feet wide. Serve: It is a stroke used to put the shuttlecock into play at the start of a rally. Rally: It is an exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play. Match: It is a series of games to determine a winner. Back court: It is the playing area between the front service line and the baseline.
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Backhand: It is a stroke on the side of the body opposite the racket side executed with racket coming across the body. Let: A legitimate cessation of play to allow a rally to be replayed Backline: It is the boundary line farthest from the net. Carry: It is an imperfect shot in which the racket carries the shuttle instead of striking it sharply. Clear: A shot hit deep to the opponent’s back boundary line. The high clear is defensive shot while the flatter attacking clear is used offensively. Court: It is the area of play as defined by the outer boundary lines. Smash: It is a hard hit overhead shot that forces the shuttle sharply downward. Drive: It is a fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net. Drop: A shot hit softly to fall rapidly and close to the net on the opponent’s side. Kill: It is a fast downward shot that cannot be returned.
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