Psych Test 3 - learning 3 Intelligence as a two-factor...

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Bharvi Patel Dreaming is most likely to occur during the fifth stage, the deepest stages of sleep Hypnosis – an altered state of consciousness characterized by suggestibility and the feeling that one’s actions are involuntary Can occur through power of suggestion. Hypnotic analgesia – the reduction of pain through hypnosis Meditation and religion can sometimes alter our conscious experience Intelligence “Intelligence is whatever intelligence tests measure” Boring’s dictum Definitions: 1. Intelligence as Sensory Capacity o Sir Francis Galton (1884): intelligence is a byproduct of sensory capacity 2. Intelligence as Abstract Thinking o The French government wanted to objectively identify slow and fast learners o Binet and Simon (1904) first intelligence that measured the aptitude for
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Unformatted text preview: learning. 3. Intelligence as a two-factor theory o Spearman’s g o Every task requires a combination of general ability (g) and skills that are specific to the task (s) o G for general intelligence o S factors: specific abilities 4. Fluid versus Crystallized Intelligence o Some measures were more highly related than others o Raymond Cattell (1971) distinguished two types of intelligence: Fluid Intelligence: the ability to process information. Crystallized Intelligence: the accuracy and amount of information available for processing. 5. Multiple Intelligences o Howard Gardner (1983, 1999) alternatively suggests there are either separate kinds of intelligence Verbal-l...
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Psych Test 3 - learning 3 Intelligence as a two-factor...

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