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Environmental Studies Week 10 3-27-07

Environmental Studies Week 10 3-27-07 - Week 10 Section 301...

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3/27/07- Week 10 Section 301 It is news to many people, including myself, that electronic waste is a huge problem in our world today. In the article, “The World Confronts Its E-waste Nightmare,” author Tam Harbert explains how, “As much as 80 percent of the world’s high-tech trash ends up in Asia,” (Harbert, 6). Just seeing that quote alone, it is assumed that this must be a problem. I find that the export of electronic trash to Asia to be problematic because not only do they have mountains of electronic waste piling up throughout the continent, but there is also toxic contents such as lead and mercury contaminating the soil and making their groundwater undrinkable! If toxic electronic waste keeps continuing to build up at a rapid rate, there will be a serious problem all throughout Asia. It is mentioned in this article that a law in the European Union now requires companies to take back discarded electrical products at no cost to the consumer and I believe that this is a great idea that the US should start enforcing. We shouldn’t have to
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