structural composition (tissues)

structural composition (tissues) - PPT 1 - Introduction -...

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PPT 1 - Introduction - 361 Pg. 1 of 5 Structural Composition All living organisms are composed of cells that carry on various life processes. In multicellular forms, such as humans, cells are differentiated into specialized forms to perform special functions of the body. tissues - groupings of cells which are alike in form and function organs - combinations of tissues which together serve a specific body function Basic Tissues Epithelial performs functions of protection and secretion arranged in mosaics, forming sheets of tissue covering external body surfaces or lining tubes and passages Epithelial Proper - skin (epidermis) - covers external body surfaces - internal (mucous) membranes - covers internal surfaces of tracts and passages which communicate with the exterior (e.g., digestive and respiratory systems) Endothelial - lines blood and lymph vessels - single layer of flat cells Mesothelial - lines primary body cavities (i.e., abdomen, lungs, heart) Connective Tissue - binds together other tissues and organs supports body - composed of few cells with increased intercellular substance (=matrix) ligaments - slightly elastic strands of tissue which interconnect bones and
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structural composition (tissues) - PPT 1 - Introduction -...

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