Cavities_pix of larynx

Cavities_pix of larynx - Larynx-Hyoid bone- under chin,...

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Cavities in the Larynx The laryngeal cavity extends from the laryngopharynx to the trachea. Parts of this cavity is divided according to the structures within the larynx. Laryngeal vestibule is the uppermost part of the cavity above the vestibular folds. The vestibular folds do not play any role in phonation but protect the vocal folds. Middle part of the laryngeal cavity is the area between the vestibular folds and vocal folds (vocal cords). Laryngeal ventricles are recesses that lie on either side of the middle part of the laryngeal cavity. Infraglottic cavity is the part of the cavity below the vocal cords that extends to the point where the cricoid cartilage connects with the Frst tracheal ring.
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Unformatted text preview: Larynx-Hyoid bone- under chin, bone unconnected Thyroid Cartilage- Of larynx inferior to hyoid largest piece of cartilage Arytenoid Cartilage- internal thyroid cartilage posterior to vocal cords Cricoid cartilage- Inferior to thyroid Thyrohyoid ligament (membrane) between hyoid and thyroid Cricothyroid ligament- between cricoid and thyroid Epiglottis- exible elastic cartilage superior to larynx opening- closes off respiratory system from esophagus Glottis Vestibular Fold- "false vocal" skin folds over vocal cords Vocal fold- true vocal cords more string-like in appearance...
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Cavities_pix of larynx - Larynx-Hyoid bone- under chin,...

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