bus210 The Four Functions of Management

bus210 The Four Functions of Management - the cake If menu...

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Axia College Material Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event Birthday Party for all family members who celebrate a birthday in January. In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning Organizing Who is included The venue Start and end time The guest list Invitations – mail and evite Seating The menu - catering Music –DJ or live band Games for children The cake What decorations to use/colors etc Where to place the DJ Where birthday participants will sit Seating chart for guests clean up When to send out invitations What games to have for children and gift bags When to sing Happy Birthday and cut
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Unformatted text preview: the cake If menu will be buffet or served When to open gifts Leading Controlling Who will be in charge of decorating Who will be in charge of seating guests Who will assist with clean up Who will be in charge of collecting gifts Ensuring committee members arrive at least 2 hours before the event Catering should arrive at least an hour prior to the event and be set up Ensure the entertainment is set up 1-2hours prior to the event Making sure all is done in a timely manner to ensure timeframes are met Directing guests if menu will be buffet or directing the order tables are served BUS 210...
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