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LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AND AGRICULTURAL & MECHANICAL COLLEGE Department of Construction Management and Industrial Engineering CM2121, Spring 2009, Section 03, Dr. Nahmens Page 1 of 7 CM 2121: MATERIALS, METHODS, AND EQUIPMENT I (3) Fall 2010, Section 3 Instructor: Dr. Isabelina Nahmens Construction Management Office: CM108 Email: Phone: (225) 578-0943 Office Hours : T & Th 8:30 am to 10:00 am and W 9:00 am to 11:00 am or by appointment and available by phone and email. Class Time and Location : T TH, 10:40-12:00 @ LSU Campus, Tureaud Hall, Room 203. Website: Moodle will be utilized for this course. Course Description : Prerequisite: credit or registration in CM 2012- Plan and Cost Analysis for Residential Construction. Job planning, work methods, materials, and equipment required in building and heavy construction. Required Text: Fundamentals of Building Construction, Materials and Methods . Edward Allen, Fourth or Fifth Edition. References: 1. Construction Dictionary 2. Sweet's Catalogs , 9 th edition. 3. H.U.D., 4. A.P.A., Basics of Concrete 5. Magazines Residential and Commercial Construction Guide N.A.H.B. Builder Engineering News Record (ENR) Course Objectives: This course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of construction materials and to develop an understanding of the various types of building systems in concrete, masonry, wood, and steel. Following successful completion of this course, it is expected that students will: 1. Know common building materials used in the construction process and describe their physical and mechanical properties. 2. Know the origin, development use and testing of common building materials. Describe how these materials are manufactured or processed, classified and graded. 3. Describe and compare common building systems and components, including
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CM2121, Fall 2010, Section 02, Dr. Nahmens Page 2 of 7 advantages and disadvantages. 4. Describe how common building systems and components are erected, installed and integrated into the different types of buildings. 5. Understand terminologies related to the building construction. Grading: your final grade in this course will be determined as follows: Exam #1 20% Exam #2 20% Exam #3 20% Final Exam 20% Quizzes*/Assignments 10% Group Project 10% TOTAL 100% *Weekly time limit quizzes will be given via Moodle. The quiz will be posted after class and will remain open 24-hrs. Course Policies: 1. No make-up quizzes or in-class assignments will be given. Makeup exams will not be given unless the instructor is notified in advance 2. Each quiz will consist of a relatively simple question on the material being lectured on and/or the reading assignments for that day. and agrees the absence was necessitated by a documented emergency. 3. There will be a group project assigned at the beginning of the semester. 4. Grades will not be curved and the Grading Scale will be as follows: 5. Do not be shy to ask even the simplest questions because that is the only way to guarantee an explanation.
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Syllabus-_CM2121-_Fall_10 - LOUISIANA A N D A G R I C U L T...

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