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Cost Loading Schedules Cost Loading Schedules The cost of individual resources can be summed together to determine the total cost of the project. Assigning costs to individual activities in a network schedule is commonly referred to as “ cost loading ”, “value loading”, or “dollar loading” the schedule. The schedule can be “cost loaded” using the contractor’s bid estimate. Activity Cost Activity cost represents the amount expended by the contractor completing a particular activity. Activity cost includes both direct and indirect costs. Activity Value Activity value is the amount the contractor will receive from the owner for completing an activity. Activity value includes activity cost plus markup for profit Activity Direct Cost Activity direct cost is the sum of all the cost components that can be traced directly to the activity. Activity direct costs include the following: Labor Material and Installed Equipment Production Equipment
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1be1b4ffcdd2600e85b7610a97b8a5c3 - Cost Loading Schedules...

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