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Syllabus Instructor: Kate Whalin Whitehead Office: Coates 132, 578-2120 or 578-4172 (main office) E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: 8:00-9:00; 1:30-3:00 Tu, Th; and by appointment Teaching Assistant: Savannah Ganster, Coates 217, 578-0249, Office Hours – Tu, Th 9:30-10:30; 2:00-3:00; [email protected] Text West, R., & Turner, L. H. (2009). Understanding interpersonal communication: Making choices in changing times (2 nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. General Education: CMST 2010 Interpersonal Communication meets the criteria for a General Education Social Sciences course by addressing: The nature of the human person. To be human is to be social and to be social is to communicate interpersonally. This course examines the role of the individual in the communication process. Different levels of association. The dyad, which is at the heart of interpersonal communication, is the foundational link in all social networks. Acquaintanceship, friendship, family relations, and romantic associations are examined as part of interpersonal communication. The patterns by which societies organize how people relate not only to each other but to the world around them. The sine qua non of people relating to each other and the world is communication . Interpersonal Communication examines definitions, models, and theories of communication in order to examine how people construct identities and relationships. Approaches to social analysis. Interpersonal Communication provides students with a glimpse at the tenets and mechanics of contemporary social analysis through participation in studies designed to test and extend theories. Learning Objectives As a result of this course, students will be able to: 1. Master factual knowledge about interpersonal communication 2. Understand various types and forms of interpersonal communication and relationships
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2010_fall_10 - CMST 2010 Interpersonal Communication...

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