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sci275_Appendix_C - The resulting numbers for the second...

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SCI 275 Appendix C Directions: Energy Calculator Trophic level First Primary producer N/A N/A Second Primary consumer 0.00 0 Third Secondary consumer 0 0 0 Fourth Tertiary consumer 0 0 0 Observe energy changes from the primary producer (first trophic level) to the tertiary consumer (fourth trophic level), by conducting the following: 1. Visit the NutritionData Web site at http://www.nutritiondata.com/ 2. Enter the name of any raw fruit or vegetable in the search bar on the NutritionData Web site and click Search . Select a single fruit or vegetable if a list of search results is displayed. 3. Locate the calories per serving for this food item from the Nutrition Facts label. Enter the number of calories as indicated in cell D12, highlighted in bright yellow, and click Enter . 4.
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Unformatted text preview: The resulting numbers for the second through fourth trophic levels in the following chart represent what happens to the energy originally provided by your selected fruit or vegetable if it were passed along the food chain. Column D shows total energy available from the previous trophic level, column E represents the energy gained , and column F represents the energy lost as heat. Observe trends in energy change, then post your response to Discussion Question 1 in the Main forum. Type of producer or consumer Total energy available from previous level (100%) Energy from total gained by consumer (10%) Energy from total lost when consumed (90%) Input calories here and hit Enter. Input calories here and hit Enter....
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