Difference btwn discrimination and prejudice

Difference btwn discrimination and prejudice - gender...

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There is a difference between discrimination and prejudice. Discrimination of a person is observing and possibly voicing a difference amongst people. The observation is fact and not opinion. Prejudice is opinions, which are negative in nature, against a person or group. The opinions are usually formed without having knowledge of the person or group. Simply stated, discrimination is fact, prejudice is opinion. In a previous place of employment, I was discriminated against by customers. I had been promoted to an officer, a consumer lending officer at that. At that time in banking, there were very few woman lending officers. Men dominated the field. Several customers were men and did not want to deal with me, as I was a woman and they did not feel I would know how to work a loan. To make matters worse, I am also blonde. It can be hard at times to avoid the stereotype of dumb blondes. It took time for me to gain the respect and trust of the male customers that required consumer loans. But I did succeed, and I was sought after whenever any of the male
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Unformatted text preview: gender required the assistance of a consumer lending officer. I was discriminated against by gender and possibly by hair color. It is a fact that I am female and blonde. At the same banking institution, I saw prejudice. A customer came to me to complain about a teller. The costumer complained that she did not want to have a specific teller wait on her whenever she (the customer), was in the drive-up. The customer’s reason, the teller was Asian, specifically, Thai. I explained to the customer that the teller was very accurate and the best teller I had at the location and made very few errors. The teller was quite capable of handling any transactions that the customer had. The customer formed her opinion without knowing the teller and was prejudice against her because of her race. Again, it took time for the lady to be comfortable of using the teller at the drive-up, but she did. I never received another complaint from the customer....
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