Biology I pretest Chapter 8

Biology I pretest Chapter 8 - Biology I pretest Chapter 8...

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Biology I pretest Chapter 8 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The minimum evidence of anything being "alive" is a. breathing. b. heartbeat. c. carbon dioxide production. d. physical activity. e. response to stimulus. ____ 2. All living organisms a. generate ATP. b. utilize oxygen. c. have a well-defined nucleus. d. produce carbon dioxide. e. generate ATP and produce carbon dioxide. ____ 3. When molecules are broken apart in respiration, a. the heat produced is used to drive biological reactions. b. the oxygen in the compounds that are broken apart is used as an energy source. c. the energy released in respiration is channeled into molecules of ATP. d. ATP is converted into ADP. e. ADP is released as a waste product. ____ 4. Cellular respiration a. is the mechanism that evolved to enable living organisms to utilize energy stored in glucose. b. occurs only in animal cells because plants carry on photosynthesis. c. utilizes fat as its primary energy source. d. occurs at the same rate throughout all cells of the body. e. is the only cellular mechanism that yields ATP. ____ 5. Cellular respiration a. is the reverse of the process of photosynthesis. b. involves the physical exchange of gases. c. is a mechanism of tapping the energy found in the bonds between atoms forming organic compounds. d. can occur only if there is a supply of glucose available because no other compound is involved in cellular respiration. e. occurs only in animal cells. ____ 6. ATP is a. the energy currency of a cell. b. produced by the destruction of ADP. c. expended in the process of photosynthesis. d. produced during the phosphorylation of any organic compound. e. none of these
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7. ATP is to the cell as __________ is (are) to the financial community. a. printed currency b. checks c. credit d. gold reserves e. automated tellers ____ 8. ATP a. can be produced by photosynthesis. b. is produced in the degradation of organic compounds such as glucose. c. is generated in anaerobic respiration. d. is released in aerobic respiration. e. all of these ____ 9. Plant cells are capable of a. photosynthesis. b. ATP production. c. glucose breakdown. d. aerobic respiration. e. all of these ____ 10. Aerobes use __________ as the final electron acceptor. a. hydrogen b. carbon c. oxygen d. H 2 O e. NAD + ____ 11. Most plants and animals use _____ as their final hydrogen acceptor in cellular respiration. a. oxygen b. sulfur c. nitrogen d. magnesium e. phosphorus ____ 12. Which of the following liberates the most energy in the form of ATP? a. aerobic respiration b. anaerobic respiration c. alcoholic fermentation d. lactate fermentation e. All liberate the same amount, but through different means. ____ 13.
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Biology I pretest Chapter 8 - Biology I pretest Chapter 8...

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