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China and the Cold War

China and the Cold War - China and the Cold War(1937 1965...

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China and the Cold War (1937 – 1965) China During WW2 (1937-1945) Nationalist create a union with communist in order to resist Japanese Occupiers U.S. finds it necessary to support the communist due to crisis of war China at the End of WW2 Key Issues First time problems are openly talked about: magnitude of the crimes committed by Chinese occupants Wants to turn China into a modern industrialized country to compete with U.S./Europe Coalition means that communist have some influence on Chinese international and national issues Debate over the relationship with U.S./Soviet Union with China The Chinese Civil War (1946-1949) Nationalists and Communists are going to begin fighting pretty quickly over political control over China Nationalists are better organized and better funded, would appear that nationalists would win Nationalists vs. Communists: Key Characteristics Nationalists Strengths o Larger Forces in terms of supporters and military o Soviet Union and U.S. both providing military supplies
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