Soil Profiles

Soil Profiles - Bg Very dark greyish-brown silty clay,...

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1 1 Soil Profiles SS 121 Moody 2 Objectives • Introduction to soil profiles, genetic horizons Master horizons O, A, E, B, C – Important horizon subdesignations • p, w, t, k, q, m, g, r, b • 1, 2, 3, … Soil profiles = vertical slice; what we see; form basis for further study, analysis, interpretation 3 A, E, Bt, C 4 A, E, Bt, C 5 Colton series Haplorthods New York O, A, E, Bhs, Bs, C 6 Steedman series Haplustalfs Kansas A, Bt1, Bt2, C 7 San Joaquin series Durixeralfs California state soil A, Bt1, Bt2, Bqm 8 Houston Black
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2 Haplusterts Texas state soil Ap, Bss, C 9 • ss = slickensides • Bss horizon in a Texas soil 10 Calciustert, India A, Bss, Bk 11 Montana de Oro SP, sand dune A1, A2, A3, C 12 Arizona desert soil A, Bt, Bkm 13 Organic soil Histosol Oe, Oa, 2C 14 Organic soil, southern Alaska Oe, Oa1, Oa2, Oa3 15 Welsh soil Llanrhidian Marsh • Recent marine alluvium, 0 slope, saltmarsh, rough grazing • Ag Very dark grey silty clay, weak granular structure, abundant fine roots, rusty mottling, stone-free, sharp boundary
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Unformatted text preview: Bg Very dark greyish-brown silty clay, common large rusty mottles, stone-free, merging boundary G1 Bluish-grey silty clay, common orange mottling, stone-free, massive, merging boundary G2 Dark bluish-grey silty clay, massive 16 Welsh soil with buried soil Rhosneigr, Anglesey Low sea cliff (marine terrace?) Eolian sand over glacial till A Dark greyish-brown sand, abundant fine and coarse roots, merging boundary B Brown sand, merging boundary C Yellowish sand, mottled at base, abrupt boundary bA/bE Black organic clay loam, relict root system, very wet, prominently mottled, clear boundary bBg Reddish or pinkish brown prominently mottled (orange and greyish) clay, very stony, no structure, gradual boundary bCg Yellowish-brown, prominently mottled, extremely stony clay...
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Soil Profiles - Bg Very dark greyish-brown silty clay,...

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