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CHEM-313 SYLLABUS Instructor: Dr. J. L. Lyle Office: NSM D-323 Phone: (310)243-3388;243-3376 Office Hours: Will be announced in class; open-door policy Required Texts : Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (highly recommended) Lab notebook Safety goggles 1. Grading : Traditional letter grades will be assigned on the same basis as in CHE-312. Lab reports 75%, Notebook 10%, Evaluation 15% 2. Lab reports and prelabs . A pre-lab is to be turned in 24 hours before the scheduled lab (see father below for format). A typed lab report will be required for each experiment. The report is due one week after the scheduled completion of the lab. These reports are due at the scheduled start time for the lab. Late reports will be penalized one letter grade for the first 24 hours. Lab reports that are submitted more than 24 hours late will not be accepted! Please note that lab reports are not written in the lab notebook, but are separate requirements. You will be given explicit instructions about what each lab report is to contain. Lab reports are to be your own work and not plagiarized from some other student or lab report. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated! 3. Notebook . A written record of what you are doing in the lab will be kept in your notebook. You are expected to have your notebook with you in the lab. Failure to do so can affect your grade. The notebook entries will be written in ink. The carbon copies that you make will be submitted with your lab reports. 4. Evaluation . Part of your grade will be an evaluation of your lab technique, preparedness, punctuality, etc. by the instructor. 5. Safety . You must wear approved eye protection at all times in the lab. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the lab. 6. Prerequisite . You must have completed CHE-310 and CHE-311. Co-requisite is enrolment in CHE-310. 8. Attendance . You are expected to attend all laboratory sessions. Make-ups will only be allowed if arrangements are made prior to the missed lab and for good reason. 9. Course goals, objectives, and requirements are covered elsewhere in this syllabus.
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CHE-313 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Spring '04 section topic reference 313-01 313-02 1. 1/26 1/27 check-in 2. 1/28 1/29 supplement 3. 2/2 2/3 cont. p. 842-845 Appendix 3 4. 2/4 2/5 cont. p. 855-858 Appendix 4 5. 2/9 2/10 ID of unknown ketone supplement 6. 2/11 2/12 cont. p. 888-889 2/16 2/17 no lab 7. 2/18 2/19 Reduct. of acetophenone supplement 8. 2/23 2/24 cont. 9. 2/25 2/26 Grignard synthesis supplement 10. 3/1 3/2 of toluic acids supplement 11. 3/3 3/4 Esterification p. 96-99 3/8 3/11 cont. 13. 3/12 3/11 Aldol condensation p. 409-411 14. 3/15 3/16 cont.
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che313sylabus - CHEM-313 Instructor Office Phone Office...

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