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Challenge_problem_set (1) - Honors Problem set (Chapter 4)...

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Honors Problem set (Chapter 4) Challenge Problem Set : Due, Tuesday October 12, 2010 50 points total a) Please read all questions carefully and answer all of them. b) Report significant figures in your answers. Answers reported without units will not be graded d) Show your work 1. (10 points) I. For each of the following, decide whether a precipitation reaction occurs. It is does, write the balanced overall reaction and the net ionic equation. If no reaction occurs. Write the compounds followed by and arrow and then NR (no reaction) a) Aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and iron (II) nitrate are mixed b) Aqueous solutions of aluminium sulfate and sodium hydroxide are mixed. II. If 50.0 g of precipitate is to be obtained in the previous reaction(s), how many grams of reactants should you start with? 2. (15 points) You are given a sample of limestone, which is composed primarily of calcium carbonate and other impurities. You need to determine the mass percent of Calcium in 128.3 mg sample of limestone. These are the steps you take:
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Challenge_problem_set (1) - Honors Problem set (Chapter 4)...

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