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Honors Problem set (Chapter 6 and 7) Challenge Problem Set : Due, Wednesday November 3, 2010 60 points total a) Please read all questions carefully and answer all of them. b) Report significant figures in your answers. Answers reported without units will not be graded d) Show your work 1. (10 points) I. Scientists in 19 th century used the law of Dulong and Petit to obtain approximate atomic masses of metals. The law states that the heat capacity of metallic elements is approximately 25J/mol ° C. These were the steps that were used. a) An experiment revels the specific heat of a metal is 0.24 J/g ° C. What is the approximate atomic mass of the element? b) An oxide of the element is 6.90% oxygen by mass. Using mass of atomic oxygen as 16.00 g/mol, and the approximate mass found I part (a), find the formula of the oxide. (considerable rounding is required) c) Using the formula of the oxide, and the molar mass of the compound determined in (b) using percent composition, identify the metal
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Challenge_problem_set-_6_and_8 - Honors Problem set(Chapter...

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