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challenge_problem_set_-gaseous_state (1) - Problem Set...

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Problem Set –gaseous state Problem Set Due Tuesday October 19, 2010 40 points total + 10 bonus 1. (25 points) Ammonium perchlorate (NH 4 ClO 4 ) is a solid rocket fuel used in space shuttles. It decomposes when heated above 200 ºC to a variety of gaseous products, of which the most important are nitrogen, chlorine, oxygen and water vapor. a) Write a balanced chemical equation for the decomposition of NH 4 ClO 4 , assuming the products are gaseous nitrogen, chlorine, oxygen and water vapor 2 points b) The sudden appearance of hot gaseous products in a small initial volume causes a rapid rise in temperature and pressure that gives the rocket its thrust. What total pressure of gas would be produced at 800ºC by igniting 7.00 x 10 5 kg of NH 4 ClO 4 (a typical charge of the booster rockets in the space shuttle) and allowing the gases formed to expand to fill a volume of 6400m 3 ( 6.4 x 10 6 L). Assume ideal behavior ( 3 points) c) Calculate the mole fraction and the partial pressure of the chlorine gas produced
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challenge_problem_set_-gaseous_state (1) - Problem Set...

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