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hw0 - CS 577 Introduction to Algorithms Out Ground Rules...

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CS 577: Introduction to Algorithms Homework 0 Out: 09/03/10 Due: various dates Ground Rules This is a self-calibration assignment. Some parts of the homework need to be turned in. The remaining are intended to be used to refresh your knowledge of the prerequisites for this course, and to get an idea of the level of difficulty of this course. This homework will not be graded but model solutions will be handed out in class on 9/8. To be turned in. 1. Email a recent picture of yourself to the TA Yizhen Huang at [email protected] by Sept 8th. This will be used for a picture board on the class webpage (with access only through wisc.edu). 2. Respond by Sept 5th to the Doodle poll set-up by Shuchi for scheduling the midterm. This is a hard deadline. A link to the poll is available on the class webpage as well as in an email that Shuchi will send out today. Not to be turned in. 1. Reading. Review Chapter 2 of the course text. This is an important part of the homework, and although we will not review this material in class, future topics rely heavily on a good understanding of it.
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