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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Sanket Shah Question #1: There are 3 departments that share server #3: City Clerks office, HR Department, and the Finance Department. The City Clerks office maintains CITYs archived information, provides information on CITY ordinance, maintains city council proceedings records, and makes sure that the archived information is readily available to the general public. The HR department maintains relationships between labor and employees, provides new hire screening and orientation, design training programs for employee and management, implements HR policies and procedures, and administers all employee benefits for CITYs insurance coverage. The Finance department handles Accounts Receivable as well as Accounts Payable activities that collect and prepare checks for all vendors. They are also responsible for the posting of the General Ledger in its GEMS system. Finally, they handle payroll activities for CITYs employees as well as manage all duties and responsibilities of the receptionist who answers telephone calls from internal and external sources. The server number 3 is a Windows 2000 server that has the following hardware: Symantec AntiVirus, BackupExec Remote Agent, Millenium Internal Payroll Processing, Access to External Ameripay Payroll Service, Shift Control Fire, Collectors Office System, Building Dept. System, Water Dept. System, and PeopleSoft (HR System). It has a following specifications: Dell PowerEdge 2450, 733MHz Processor, 512 MB memory, 4-36GB Disk space, and RAID 5. It is expected that a RTO of Software/Hardware be 4 hrs, while a RPO would be 0 days. Based on the required RTO and RPO, for disaster recovering strategy, we recommend that a continuous availability of the financial information be available. Since this is for a smaller CITY government, we recommend that we go with an external solution (rather than internal). We will partner with a vendor who is at least 35 miles away from City Hall and this location will have all of the equipment and components with the necessary hardware, software, and other infrastructure needs. This data center will be replicated at a vendor location creating a hot site which will include all of the applications components. The data center will enable the end users to use the application if a disaster occurs without any break. We will need to find a vendor that is willing to provide a support of 24x7, as most vendors tend guarantee hardware availability at the time of disaster. In finding this vendor, we will have a criteria that will require the vendor to know the applications that are being used on this server (so that the support can be easier overtime). We have limited government employees, and therefore it is not worth spending more money on training and support while we dont need it. Since we work with a tight budget, we need these funds in other areas of the government. This way a staff increase will not be necessary and we will not have to deal with employee turnovers. not have to deal with employee turnovers....
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Final_Sanket_Shah - Final Exam Sanket Shah Question #1:...

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