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Homework #2 Sanket Shah Form #: 47 - Division Name: Finance and Administration The department of Customer Acct Svcs – Billing & A/R establishes customers on company's computer system. Employees in this department also bill customers & provide billing support. Specifically, this department manages customer accounts receivable activities. The department has the following hardware: People Soft (3 Sun Fire V880 midrange systems and Invisic on 1 LAN server) and Office (LAN Servers). It is expected that a RTO of Software/Hardware be 1 day, while a RPO would be 0 days. Based on the required RTO and RPO, for disaster recovering strategy, we recommend that a continuous availability of the financial information be available. We will have our distant hot site be based in Dallas Texas, which covers the requirement of the site being at least 35 miles away. This location will have all of the equipment and components with the necessary hardware, software, and the other infrastructure needs. Both of the data centers, at the main site and the hot site, will include all of the applications’ components that will be redundant and that will enable the end users to use the application from either data centers. In order to avoid having the information fall into the wrong hands, we have decided to place the data centers in Dallas. This way we can train our employees, who we trust, and that can be set up as a long term solution. There will be no travel time, because the entire company shares one internal network. It does however mean that our internal employees will need to be trained and they will need to have enough experience to manage the applications. A staff increase may be necessary and there could be problems with employee turnovers. However, since this is a financial application, we need to keep this in house and have trust in our internal staff. If we were to use an external vendor, the downside is that the use of shared equipment makes hot sites less flexible, because we will be limited by the equipment the disaster
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HW2_Sanket_Shah - Homework#2 Form 47 Division Name Finance...

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