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Homework #3 Sanket Shah Form #: 47 - Division Name: Finance and Administration The department of Customer Acct Svcs – Billing & A/R establishes customers on company's computer system. Employees in this department also bill customers & provide billing support. Specifically, this department manages customer accounts receivable activities and employs 21 employees that handle core finances for the company. The RPO for A/R is 0 day. Based on this requirement, for work area recovery strategy, we recommend that A/R employees will relocate to an internal facility in Dallas Texas for a temporary period of time. We will have our work area site be based in Dallas Texas, which covers the requirement of the site being at least 35 miles away. When the disaster occurs, the company will provide a chartered flight to the Dallas facility and the employees will work from that office until the company recovers. This way, we can keep all of the employees together and they do not have to worry about booking individual flights. The organization will take on the employee travel expenses (hotels, meals, etc.). Since our Dallas campus is “smaller” than our Lincoln campus, we will need to shift and re-arrange some departments. We will conduct a thorough analysis on all of the departments that work in Dallas facility so that we can plan ahead of time. Based on this study, we will need to accommodate these individuals who work for A/R as they will have a higher priority than other departments. Multiple work spaces will be set up in conference rooms, and individuals who work out of Dallas facility will need to adjust and give up their work space for some time. The “less critical” department (who has a longer RTO) will work from home and a laptop will be provided for each of these employees. These individuals are less critical for the company and therefore they can work out
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HW3_Sanket_Shah - Homework #3 Shah Form #: 47 - Division...

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