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Homework #4--Template to Evaluate Business Continuity Company Human Resources Recovery Plan *Work Area Recovery is the accommodations for "departmental" employees, such as those who work in Human Resources, Facilities, etc., and includes desk space, PCs, printers, etc. (c)Mary Sandy, CBCP, 2009 Page 1 81d70bcb3855750383eba19504595c672dfbe5c8.xls Criteria Evaluation Comments Included Not Included Organization, Recovery Teams X Are many of the recovery teams documented in the plan? X Are descriptions included for each of the recovery teams? X EM, BR Mgr, ADM, DAT, PR,FS, CSS,CS Employee Information X Yes, in appendix A. Vacate Existing Building X Public Relations X X Communication/Public Relations Team Employee Notification X X Appendix B Department Criticality Is the name of the person responsible for Business Recovery identified? Business Recovery Manager (A Grant) Plan Owner, Plan Editor, Team Leader, Alternate Team Leader, Team Member Does the plan contain a complete documented list of employees (and their telephone numbers) who work in the department represented by
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HW4_Sanket_Shah(1) - Homework #4-Template to Evaluate...

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