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Sample of Homework 1 for Questionnaire Form #64 Division Department Reason for Level of Criticality 4 hours 4 hours Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Required by Dept. RTO Recom- mended by Student Finance & Administration Customer Acct Svcs – Billing This department establishes customers on company's computer system. Employees in this department also bill customers & provide billing support. Specifically, this department manages customer accounts receivable activities. Accounts Receivable is very important to the company, because it provides a concise picture of what is happening financially at any given time. It is Accounts Receivable that keeps up with the billing information and that generates customized billing information to the client. The company can not intake any money from the customers, because 20,000 invoices (cash value of $20,000,000) are not generated. This manifests that the revenue collection will be impacted as we will not be able to finance a recovery plan(the company will not be able recover at the
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